Fraud 2: Deceptive Practices

I will be posting the actual correspondences from Wells Fargo, Bank of America and their attorneys from the last 6 years shortly.

Friday, Jan 25 – Mean while, here’s the latest.

  1. The Wells Fargo Attorney finally replied my email – and her answer was – House was sold, and they cannot loan mod. They can sell me the house back at $620k (The original loan – $415k – Wells Fargo “SOLD” the house to BofA at $568k, on Dec. 23, 2015).
  2. These IRS docs shows Wells Fargo / B of A “acquired”the house on Dec. 23, 2015 – just recorded in October 2018.
  3. That mean Wells Fargo is still the servicer, and the house is REO. Even though “servicer” is capable of loan modification, Wells Fargo is simply refusing to work with me.
  4. More importantly, if the house has been “sold” on Dec. 23, 2015, why Wells Fargo offered me the settlement: “Opportunity to review loan modification” in the summer of 2016? #dualTracking
  5. Wells Fargo says “Bank of America” has the note, and the title has been perfected, and yet they refused to reply our QRW.